Saturday, April 24, 2021

This is Who I Am (A Lighthearted Psychoanalysis of Myself)

I am not a trained psychologist but I have participated in a few psychological evaluations for various reasons. The results were helpful however they were, in my mind, a guide but not irrefutable proof of my mental state or my personality type. If the evaluation disclosed a mental health matter that needed to be taken seriously, I did not ignore it. But in most cases, I was able to take a lighthearted view of the end results.

Here’s the scenario. (No worries. It’s just pretend.) You have just received the results of a psychological evaluation and it is wholly conclusive. It has revealed your personality traits so that not only do you know who you are, but so does everybody else! Oh no! Can I be cured from being me? The results say I am one or more of these personality types. But what does that mean?

1. I’m an introvert.

  • I’m OK with that. Introverts don’t talk much and enjoy quiet and solitude which is not the same as being a lonely loner always wanting to be alone.

2. I’m an outcast.

  • Outcasts are often pushed aside because they are unusually different. But is that really bad? Who wants to be a cheap knock off or copycat of somebody else?

3. I’m shy.

  • Hmmmm? No problem! In my dictionary, “shy” is a synonym for “sensitive”. The more my heart melts, the sweeter my personality gets.

4. I’m antisocial.

  • Anti? That sounds so … anti! Why not think of it as participating and interacting with others from a distance?

5. I’m an extrovert.

  • Cool! They say extroverts are the life of the party! They almost always mean well and are amazing at making others feel welcome!

6. I’m an ambivert.

  • Had to look up this word. It’s a personality type? Apparently ambiverts are a “blend”; that is a successful merging of both introvert and extrovert characteristics. Sounds like the “perfect type”. Doesn’t it?

7. I have low self-esteem.

  • Low self-esteem? That’s not good. By comparison, low self-esteem is not the same as self-hatred or self-loathing. Let’s accept this result and use it as an motivation to aim higher.

8. I am NOT a bully.

  • Whew! Good to know! Pushing other people around is not cool! Who ever met a strong wise compassionate bully?

9. I drank a bottle of my tears.

  • What?? Is that a personality type?  If it is then … it could mean that I may get down or depressed but then I lift myself back up! When I bounce back I am refreshed, replenished and ready to go. After all, broken crayons can still color! Can’t they?

10. I am __________________.

  • Well?? Who am I?? Hey! Nothing is set in stone. Everyday is a new day and another new chance to be me!

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