Saturday, October 31, 2020

Article Writing Sites: HUBPages vs Medium vs Vocal.Media

Can you make money writing articles at sites like HUBPages, Medium, and Vocal.Media? The answer is YES.  

How much money? The answer is: Everybody's experience is different and it really depends on how much effort you want to put into your writing work projects.

For me, my writing work has generated extra income, but not consistent income and although I work at it practically full-time, it does not pay like a full-time job.  Nevertheless, I enjoy it.  If you are thinking about being a content writer, the comments below are based on my own experience.  I don't know if they will help you or discourage you.  But they are truthful.

  • HUBPages is one of the few sites where I set it and forget it. Meaning that I have not been active on HP yet almost every 3 months I get $50. There are some HUBBERs who boast they make hundreds per month on their articles.  I don't doubt their truthfulness and now that HP has created the various niche sites, they'll probably make even more.  The trick with HP is to get your article featured because then they are indexed and can be found via a generic search.  It also helps when you manually share them via your social networks. HP earns a lot from Google Ad Sense and they share that revenue. So I make money from my HP HUBs without even trying. You earn whether or not the person who visits your article is an HP member or an external visitor.  HP does not allow republished content.  My oldest article at HUBPages is dated 2013.  Yes, I have been with this online writing community for a while and see absolutely no reason to leave.  VIEW my writer's profile to see all of my content.
  • Medium, on the other hand? As far as I can tell, a writer does not earn for external visitors (i.e. people who do not have a Medium account). The Medium writers who earn are those who get their content curated by the Medium curators and uuhh ... good luck with that! By comparison to HUBPages, I earn pennies from my Medium articles if you go by the earnings in my Medium Partner account. However, that's not why I publish content via Medium.  ("Why I Write for Medium")  A lot of my content is republished from my blogs and my main purpose for using Medium is to redirect traffic to my monetized blogs. That strategy seems to be working although I can not tell the exact amount of earnings from my blogs that can be attributed to traffic that came from Medium. Still! Because Medium articles are more easily found via the search engines, if a person likes my article there, they may click through the original source link and end up at my blogs. Whereas my blogs may not be so easily found via the search engines; my republished content from my blogs can be found easily via a search engine when people find the content on Medium and click through to visit my blogs and read similar content. My blogs are monetized with Google Ad Sense and Infolinks and various affiliate links.  Thus, my earnings from writing via Medium are indirect.  As with HUBPages, there are some writers who boast about the earnings they make through the Medium Partner Program.  I'm just not one of them.  But that doesn't say you shouldn't join.  To date, I have over 400 articles (dating back to 2014).  VIEW my writer's profile.  I also the editor of 2 Medium publications:  Express Yourself and My Foodie LUV.  I like it there! 
  • To date, I have published 3 articles.  It's a PPV (Pay-Per-View) business model:  so many views will earn you so much dollars.  I have not earned for views from VM. However, the second article that I published at this site, a generous reader sent me a donation of $10.  "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pesto".  Even with that incentive, I am not tempted to become an active contributor because I suspect that I don't write about topics that could really earn me more money.  My friend who writes about gaming says she's very happy with the earnings generated by her VM articles. My 3 articles are about food and they are in the Feast community.  What can I say?  Folks are more interested in video games than they are in food history and recipes.  Content published at this site must be original, i.e. they do not accept republished content.  VIEW my writer's profile.
Whatever you decide, I wish you success!


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