Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Real Threats to the American Way (An Opinion Piece)

Of course, the American Way is always being threatened. That’s why we created Superman. He fights for “truth, justice, and the American Way”.

But what is the American Way? Those two words are comprehensive and encompass a lot of things. Even though the citizenry of the United States of America is diverse and multicultural, every citizen will agree that one of those “things” is EQUALITY. That’s why when it comes to immigration, it seems as though “respect of persons” is being shown or “special treatment” is being given to illegals, which makes the application of the law look very unfair or UNEQUAL. It’s easy to see why law-abiding citizens, especially legal immigrants would be dissatisfied with the way these matters are being handled.

Let’s Contrast and Compare.

On the one hand: There is Citizen A or Legal Resident A who obeyed the immigration laws to gain entrance to the country ~ even though they had to wait several years ~ but now they are allowed to work and pay taxes, raise a family, etc.

On the other hand: Then there is Mr. or Ms. Illegal Joe or Jane who slipped across the border managing not to get caught by the agents who patrol the border. THEY SAY they are not committing any criminal acts, while living here under the radar and in plain view. Some of them got married, had babies born citizens of the country they sneaked into, go to the hospital when they get sick, etc. – all of these processes you have to supply information to identify who they are. But they already broke the law just to get into the country! They commit a criminal act every day as long they’re here illegally.

The Law is the Law

Law have to be enforced. If not, then why do we have laws?
If there is something unfair or unjust about the law, then amend it or rewrite it, or take it off the books completely.

In America, we write and rewrite and eliminate our laws all the time for the sake of fairness and equality, and to uphold the Constitution which allows for life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I think we have a problem BIGGER than illegal immigrants in the USA. That problem is terrorism.

To eliminate or reduce the number of illegal immigrants, Obama came up with DAPA. This is not a PRO-Obama, ANTI-Trump argument. You may not agree, but DAPA could have taken care of the one problem, so that our intelligence and manpower, time, effort, and energy could be devoted to the terrorist threats, which are THREATS TO our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Let’s Contrast and Compare Again.

On the one hand: We’ve got one group of people that broke the law to get into the country. Nobody is denying that. That’s why they’re called illegals!! But when they crossed over, they did not have the intent to do anybody harm or injury. They came in peace.

On the other hand: We’ve got another group who are so smart, they came over here legally, took flying lessons at one of our pilot training schools, and flew planes into the World Trade Center! They didn’t even sneak into the country. By the time we realized that they had not come in peace, it was too late!!

Yes. Mr. Illegal Joe and Jane have been living unlawfully in the country for 20 years and now they have children who are either American citizens or who have only known the American Way. Joe and Jane are now facing the possibility of being deported and separated from their American children. Some of the children of Joe and Jane who are not citizens but have grown up in the USA might be deported too. But let’s not overlook the obvious. 20+ years and … THEY DIDN’T BLOW NOTHING UP!! THEY DIDN’T KILL ANYBODY!!!

The Real Threat to the American Way

Which group consists of the real troublemakers?!!
Shouldn’t our country’s leaders FOCUS on the problem that’s not only the most difficult to solve but also a LIFE THREAT to everybody??!! To citizens, legal residents, peaceful illegals, and to themselves!! Terrorists don’t care if they kill themselves.
If you’re not American, pretend this is your country.

What do you think about this?

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